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Cristina Guseth (Romania)

“To improve the world we live in, citizens need to be empowered through education and free access to information.” Cristina Guseth has been working for human rights and the empowerment of civil society in Romania since 1991. From 1991 to 1997, she worked with the Soros Foundation in Romania in its pioneering work to develop […]

Negoita Cornelia (Romania)

“Peace is not merely a word. It is a time for kids to grow up in harmony with society; the joy young mothers feel when they see their children growing up in peace.” Negoita Cornelia works in Braila, a town located in southeast Romania. She has dedicated her life to children in orphanages and psychiatric […]

Erzsebet Turos (Romania)

“Considering the disastrous situation of care when I first started working here, we have made progress and to me the future looks optimistic.” Erzsebet Turos has worked as a general practitioner in a psychiatric hospital in Borsa in Cluj county, Romania, for several years. When Dr. Turos arrived, the hospital was pure horror and passive […]