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Anna Politkovskaya (Russian Federation)

————————– Update: Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated on October 7, 2006, in her apartment block in Moscow. Before Politkovskaya was laid to rest, more than 1,000 people filed past her coffin to pay their last respects. ————————–  “People ask me: ‘Why do you write about this war?’ The reason is quite simple: we are contemporaries of […]

Irina Hakamada (Russian Federation)

“My idea is to transform Russia into a new country of freedom and social justice, in which human life is the primary concern and the supreme value.” Irina Hakamada, who was born in 1955, holds a PhD in economics. A well-known politician, in 1997 she headed the Governmental Committee on Small Business Support. Elected to […]

Olga Doronina (Russian Federation)

“It is impossible to be happy with the world around you full of sorrow, violence, and devastation. We should always remember and realize that we are all in the same boat.” Olga Doronina, who was born in 1952, holds a PhD in biotechnology and was honored with the title “Inventor of the USSR.” As an […]

Tatiana Chertoritskaya (Russian Federation)

“Why are resolutions in favor of peace, so very obvious for every mother, not adopted by the majority power-wielding men?” Tatiana Chertoritskaya was born 1948. She holds a PhD in philology and is both a well-known scientist and a specialist in the traditions of the Old Believers (a schismatic group of the Russian Orthodox Church). […]

Almira Adiatullina (Russian Federation)

“There are 20 million Muslims in Russia, and their interests ought to be taken into account.” Almira Adiatullina was born in 1938. In 1959 she enrolled at Kazan State University to study journalism. On graduating from the university, she worked as a journalist until her retirement in 1993. In 1995, Almira founded the NGO Zhenshchiny […]

Elena Ershova (Russian Federation)

“Mother Theresa used to cure sick people; we are trying to cure a sick society.” Elena Ershova, holder of a Master’s degree in International Relations and a PhD in History, has for over 20 years been a researcher with the Institute for US and Canada Studies in Moscow. Today she is an active campaigner for […]

Irina Dementieva (Russian Federation)

“We all share one common home. To burn down just one part of it is impossible: we will burn it all.” On graduating from Leningrad University, Irina Dementieva worked as a journalist with Russian publications. After the suppression of democracy in the Czech Republic (1968), the staff of the ‘Zhurnalist’ magazine, where she worked as […]

Maya Shovkhalova (Russian Federation)

“We condemn acts of terrorism irrespectively of whether they are committed by groups of bandits or by the Russian military.” (From the appeal of Chechen peace advocates to the world community) Having suffered Stalin’s deportation of the Chechen people to Central Asia, Maya Shovkhalova (born 1936) returned to Grozny in 1958. She graduated from the […]