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“My dream is to see all people smiling. Not because they have to, but because it comes from within.” Martine Bonny Dikongue from Cameroon was born in 1960. She is an economist and trainer for non-violent conflict resolution. She helps traumatized survivors of the Rwanda genocide to re-learn to trust people. She works with teachers […]


“We all have a responsibility to stop human suffering. Each one of us must play our part, and make our voices heard too. Together we can make a difference.” Mary Kayitesi Blewitt was born in 1962 in a refugee camp in Burundi. She is the founder of Survivors Fund (Surf) in London, a non-governmental organization […]


What I find of most satisfaction is when I see victims becoming advocates for change.” Mary V. Balikungeri (51) is the executive director of Rwanda Women’s Community Development Network (RWN). The NGO assists widows, victims of sexual violence, people infected with HIV/Aids and orphans. It provides a forum for networking, mobilization, sensitization, training, counseling and […]


Her vision is a Rwanda without boundaries, a united people living in peace. Co-opting neighbors into a cultural group, of young adults, will serve as a catalyst for promoting reconciliation. Daphrose Mukarutamu, a 57-year-old widow from Rwanda, is the founder of Duhozanye, an association whose objective is to restore hope to widows and orphans. The […]