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Lalao Flaurence Randriamampionona (Madagascar)

The people possess the cultural wealth and know-how and have unexploited potential and they must be supported so that they can take control of the country’s development.” For the last ten years, Lalao Flaurence Randriamampionona (64), an anthropologist and sociologist, has been actively involved in diverse development activities involving women, children and the most impoverished […]


Florentine Bodo Ramambasoa (Madagascar)

“I will focus on building a democratic culture where everyone can contribute to national development. Education and an improved economic situation will create better lives for everyone.” Florentine Ramambasoa, a 66-year-old widow from Antananarivo, Madagascar, has worked as a member of various organizations since 1967. She recently became the national coordinator of DRV, a coalition […]