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Leila de Lima (Philippines)

  Leila de Lima is a Senator in the Philippine government. In August 2016, as chair of the Senate committee on justice and human rights, she initiated an inquiry into the spate of ‘extrajudicial’ killings that has taken place since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office at the end of June (more than 3,400 alleged drug […]



Ramble Lim (Philippines)

    Rambie Lim is a traditional textile advocate and aggregator, a product developer of community crafts and products, a marketing consultant for social enterprises, market fair curator for Whitespace Sunday Pop Up, board member of Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation, founding member of HABI: The Philippine Textile Council, and a community development worker for Tao […]

Maria Dolores Alicias(Philippines)

                        Maria Dolores Alicias currently works as an independent consultant to civil society groups in Southeast Asia and concurrently serves as the managing editor of the Asian Politics and Policy journal. She was the Coordinator of the Southeast Asian capacity-building programs of the Institute […]

ikin on fieldwork with son

Analyn Salvador Amores (Philippines)

  Analyn Salvador Amores (1974, Baguio City, Benguet) Analyn Salvador Amores also known as Ikin is a social anthropologist and an associate professor at the College of Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Baguio.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts (1995) and Master of Arts (2002) from the University of the Philippines Diliman; and her […]

Roselle Pineda (Philippines)

  Roselle Pineda is a teacher, independent researcher, cultural and community worker, performance maker and activist. She is educated in Theater Arts, Performing Arts, Art History and Art Theory and Criticism.   As a part of the Department of Art Studies in University of the Philippines in Diliman, roster of faculty, she teaches Popular Culture, […]


sharon profile

Sharon Rose DADANG-RAFOLS (Philippines)

  Sharon Rose DADANG-RAFOLS Sharon is an artist based in Dumaguete City in the Visayas Region of the Philippines. She actively exhibits and performs in the Visayas and in Manila.  However, her art practice is sewn in the fabrics of society—in education, tradition, even livelihood, beyond aesthetics.  She is a member of Amnesty International, Philippine […]

Norma Pedroso Limoso (Philippines)

  Norma Pedroso Limoso (b.1942, Iloilo, Philippines)   Everybody calls her Mama Norma, because that is what she is—a mother.  She is a mother to nine biological children and a foster mother to countless others.  She was born in a family with nine siblings, from a barangay leader father and a school teacher mother. Mama […]



Zahria P. Muti- Mapandi (Philippines)

Zahria hails from the Maranao Tribe, a tribe that belongs to the Bangsamoro identity that has been fighting for autonomy and self-determination for several decades already. Her tribe, according to her, is perhaps one of the most conservative ones in the Philippines. Their tradition and culture is heavily peppered with very conservative interpretations of our […]


In the 1960’s, many years before the women’s movement and even the work of social change and transformation had gained recognition or respectability, Remmy Ignacio was already at the forefront of such work. She had already established a career in accounting, working for the country’s top accountancy and management firm, when, in her search for […]


Jurgette Honculada (Philippines)

Jurgette Honculada was born in northern Mindanao to a big middle-class family, her father a lawyer who worked his way through school and her mother a secondary school teacher. She has a son who works in information technology, a daughter pursuing her doctorate in systems biology, and a three-year old grandson. Jurgette graduated summa cum […]