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Inés Monica Weinberg (Argentina)

  Married to Dr. Eduardo Roca, mother of a lawyer’s son with a master’s degree in Criminology, Judge Weinberg’s experience has materialized in numerous interventions as an expositor in seminars and international meetings on gender perspective, reparations to victims of sexual violence, procedures Against war crimes, as well as about twenty books and several newspaper […]

Beatriz Bissio(Brazil)

  Professor at the Universidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ- Department of Political Science.). PhD in History (islamic classical civilization and political structure) Sociologist, Jornalist and Historian. In the past decades I worked as a correspondent for several latin-american and african newspapers, magazines and radios and was the editor of the latin-american monthly magazine […]

Cristina Isabel Cardozo Saravia(Bolivia)

  Cristina Isabel Cardozo Saravia Degree :Sociologist Ms.Degree: Public Health Other studies: Rights of children Latest Publication: The Health strategy 2005-2009 in Potosi municipality , Potosi Bolivia Last Jobs: DED (Promotion of social and technical development-Germany) In charge: Projects implemented by DED cooperants in the Chiquitania are observing men and women participation in production and communities’ […]

Ana Christina Couto Amorim(Brazil)

  Ana Christina Couto Amorim | South South Forum 2011-to date PhD Research – Maori Visual Arts –Massey University–New Zealand I am an artist working with an expanded notion of Art and life. Throughout my 23-year career I have identified real issues regarding the appropriation and manipulation of art by capitalist interests such as large […]

Aleida Guevara(Cuba)

  I was born in November 24th,1960 in Habana, I attended primary school in Freedom School City[Ciudad Escolar Libertad], where I was a child pioneer coordinator. It was the first Cuban organization for children from primary and secondary schools.I later attended the vocational military school Camilo Cienfuegos where I developed my secondary and pre-university studies […]

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Gloria Alvarez (Guatemala)

  Originally published on Young Voices Gloria Alvarez is a political scientist and international liaison who specializes in international development and economics. She currently works as a project manager at the Movimiento Civico Nacional in Guatemala City. Gloria studied International Relations and Political Science as an undergraduate at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín and earned a […]