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Muktasree Chakma (Bangladeshi)

  Name: Muktasree Chakma Nationality: Bangladeshi Gender: Female Position in organization/network: Founder and Executive Director Organization/network: Supporting People and Rebuilding Communities (SPaRC) Website: Muktasree Chakma Sathi is a rights activist, researcher, columnist and award winning journalist who has been working for minorities’ rights for more than 14 years, with a particular focus on the rights […]



Sandhaya Roy (Bangladesh)

  “I started my career with a dream-that I will work for the people and bring about a change in society. I still believe that change is possible. I work hard for that change.” Sandhaya Roy (born 1954) was only 17 when she left home to help soldiers wounded in the 1971 Bangladesh war. The end […]

Tori Chakma (Bangladesh)

  Tori Chakma Women Entrepreneur, Mizel-Hozal Also working with SPaRC   I went to the Doctor’s chamber who was the owner of the shop. The moment I entered he was shouting at aggressively. When I reacted with the same tone, telling him that he doesn’t have the right to shout at me, he tried to […]


Priyanka tanchagya

Priyanka Tanchangya (Bangladesh)

  Priyanka Tanchangya Consultant at International Foundation for Electoral System   The first time learn to counteract sexual harassment when I was in 5 standard. Since I studied in Shilong (India), I often traveled by train form Chittagong to Sylhet and there was this old boogie man in the train who used to supply pillows […]

Rubab Nayeem Khan (Bangladesh)

  Rubab Nayeem Khan-writer&doodler Check out her doodles in her Instagram: @rhubar4190 One day, on my way to university, a man who was on another rickshaw was ogling me, I always counter back with a death stare as a sign of disapproval. But this “gentleman” began grinning as though, I too was interested. Somehow the […]



Shagufe Hossain (Bangladesh)

  Shagufe Hossain-Founder, Leaping Boundaries This isn’t something that just happens to me or has just happened once. When we (women) walk down the street, getting leered at is very common…   I used to get uncomfortable. I used to pull my dupatta (long scarf) a little bit more so that I am well-covered. I […]

Tribeni Chakma (Bangladesh)

  Tribeni Chakma working in a national media house in Dhaka   A few years back, I was travelling to Shahbagh from Farmgate on a local bus to attend my class at Dhaka university and was sitting on a seat besides the driver ( not the designated female seat, the long one which was facing […]

Tribeni Chakma

Sayma Jamal Meem

Sayma Jamal Meem (Bangladesh)

  Graduate from North South University Sayma Jamal Meem also a social activist in Dhaka shares her story. Here’s her full story :  “I am a graduate from North South University and a Social Activist in Dhaka. In 2011, I was coming back home from a friend’s house and was waiting for a bus in […]

Priyanka Chakma (Bangladesh)

    Priyanka Chakma presently working in a national leadership building platform in Dhaka also focal person of Networking, SPaRC   One day right after leaving my office and heading towards rickshaw shop to travel home. Two teenagers who were younger than me were following me just behind and teasing me saying “4 foot, 4 […]