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Aqeela Asifi (Afghanistan)

  Aqeela Asifi: A Teacher in Exile Continues the Struggle Written by Sana Jamil Originally published on Global Voices Imagine teaching for 23 years in a small Afghan refugee camp at Kot Chandana village, on the outskirts of the Punjab province in Pakistan, and then, one day, learning that Stephen Hawking himself has lauded you and your work. Aqeela […]

Laila Haidari (Afghanistan)

L A I L A H A I D A R I A Biography Poet, Filmmaker, and Civil Activist: Serving the affected and wounded people of Afghanistan. Laila Haidari was born as a refugee in 1978 in Pakistan and lived as a refugee in Iran. Laila, a lady whose name has been woven as “mother” […]