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Mary Soledad Perpiñan (Philippines)

————————————————- Update: Sister Mary Soledad Perpinan   Sr. M. Soledad Perpiñan passed away on 26 July 2011. ————————————————- “My body is complaining of the hardness of my arthritic knee. Maybe it is my body that absorbed all the pain and brokenness. But my spirit mercifully did not. One does what one believes is […]


Meihua Jin (China)

—————————————— 10 years later: On 25th August 2015, we visited Jin Meihua and interviewed her. In the interview, in her son’s flat located in Wuzhong, Ningxia, Jin Meihua talked about her 10 year life of teaching Chinese Muslim women and how important education is to Chinese Muslim Women. Here is the full video of the interview: […]

Xinlan Ma (China)

“ ——————————————————– 10 years later: On 25th August 2015, in the office of Weizhou Ethnic Kindergarten, Weizhou, Tongxin County, Ningxia, Ma Xinlan talked to Lau Kin Chi about her long experience of being a teacher in the Chinese Muslim community and a problematic traditional perception of the role of a girl in Chinese Muslim families. […]


Joan Hinton (China)

    ————————————– Update: Joan Hinton died on June 8 2010 at a hospital in Beijing. She was 88. ————————————– “As long as there is war, science will never be free. Are we scientists going to spend our lives in slavery for madmen who want to destroy the world?” Joan Hinton, who was […]

Yuzhen Yin (China)

————————————————– 10 years later: In late August, we visited Yin YuZhen’s Ecological Park in Mu Us Desert in Inner Mongolia and made a short video on her current life. Yin Yuzhen is a simple peasant woman, from Uxin Banner in the Mu-Us Desert in Inner Mongolia. Since 1985, she has planted, together with her husband, 300,000 trees, thus creating […]



Shahjahan Apa (India)

  —————————————- Update: Shahjahan apa, passed away on 28 September 2013 in an accident while on her way to the mahila panchayat (an innovative collective approach for community participation in dispute redressal). —————————————- “My daughter was killed by my in-laws. I could not get justice. Yet I had faith in Allah’s rehmat […]

Shirin Banu (Bangladesh)

  ————————————–   After 10 years: During the last ten years, Shirin Banu continued relentlessly to work with women from the local communities, helping to organize people at local level. She is involved in many NGOs.   But, despite holding a leading position at PRIP Trust and being one of the former freedom fighters, Shirin […]



Rokeya Kabir (Bangladesh)

————————————– After 10 years (2015): Despite the very difficult years between 2002 and 2009, when BNPS as an organisation and Rokeya Kabir personally had to go through a lot of constraints due to governmentt reprisal, Rokeya and a few others did not give up. Although they had to let go most of their staff, as […]