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Asma Jahangir (Pakistan)

  ——————————– Update: Asma Jahangir In May 2005, Jahangir helped to organise a symbolic mixed-gender marathon in Lahore to raise awareness about violence against sports women by religious extremists. Islamist groups armed with firearms, batons and Molotov cocktails violently opposed the event and Jahangir was publicly beaten, stripped and detained by the police. More recently, […]


Moza Al-Malki (Qatar)

“To me peace is civilization, progress, stability, security, justice, equality, coexistence in a world full of love, spiritual and mundane interaction.” Moza Abdullah Mohammad Al-Malki was born in 1957 in Doha, Qatar. She obtained a BA in Psychology from Beirut University in 1978, an MA from LaVern University, USA, in 1986, a PhD in Clinical […]

Lubna Al Qasimi (United Arab Emirates)

“You do not have to strip off your identity in order to achieve your goals. People should be judged for what they are and do, not the way they look.” Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi obtained a BS from California State University of Chico, and a MBA from the American University of Sharjah. She was the […]

Lubna Al Qasimi (United Arab Emirates)


Nabeela Al-Mulla (Kuwait)

“Being the first Arab woman to chair the Board of Governors of the IAEA fills me with pride and shows all women in the world that they have the chance to make the world better and safer.” Nabeela Abdulla Al-Mulla, born in Kuwait, is currently the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and the Permanent Representative of […]

Mudi Al-Essa (Kuwait)

“The teachings of my religion, Islam, encourage me to assist all people, especially those with special needs. Bringing happiness to the handicapped and their families motivates me to work with KSH.” Mudi Al-Essa, born in the 1920s, was nine years old when she used to assist her father in giving aid to unfortunate people he […]



Lulwa Al-Qitami (Kuwait)

“I shall continue my work to increase public awareness of women’s role in society’s welfare and to explain that women’s political participation is congruous with the religious teachings of Islam.” Lulwa Al-Qitami, born 1931 in Kuwait, completed her education in Edinburgh between 1952 and 1960. Illuminated by British women’s energetic participation in their society, she […]

Tagreed Hikmat (Jordan)

“We need to bring peace to our hearts and minds because there is no healing without peace, no peace without justice, no justice without respect of human rights and the rule of law.” Tagreed Hikmat, born in 1945, has worked for 20 years at national and international levels advocating human rights and combating domestic violence […]



Haifa Abu Ghazaleh (Jordan)

“I believe in my personal capabilities, and this pushes me forward to achieve my dreams in protecting and enhancing women’s rights.” For over 30 years Haifa Abu Ghazaleh has worked with governmental ministries, NGOs and UN bodies, striving to integrate women’s economic, political, social and cultural rights into development planning. Through her work as Regional […]

Insaf Arafat (Jordan)

“My motivation to work for peace came from the tragedic conditions that wars cause, leaving behind a large number of disabled land mine survivors, displaced people, widows and orphans.” As a trained medical doctor and an international expert on child health and family planning, Insaf Arafat has over 30 years experience in promoting health care […]



Laurice Hlass (Jordan)

“‘He builds too low who builds below the stars’ is my driving motto that gives me strength to encounter life’s challenges and to aspire for better things.” Born in Jaffa, Palestine, Laurice Hlass was forced to flee her country in 1948 when Israeli forces occupied her hometown, massacring some of her family members. Raised in […]