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Domitila Barrios de Chungara (Bolivia)

————————- Update: Bolivians have paid tribute to Domitila Barrios de Chungara, long-time social activist, union leader, feminist, revolutionary, and national heroine who died March 13 2012 in Cochabamba at the age of 74. ————————- I want to leave future generations the only valid inheritance: a free country and social justice.” ‘Let me speak’ […]


Rosa María Herrera de Hernandez (Venezuela)

“Each person has own rights and responsibilities, but we will be able to demand the first ones and assume the second ones only if we are aware of them.” She has been a worker since her adolescence and she, herself, has experienced exploitation. A youth activist and promoter of human rights, Rosa María Herrera was […]


María Inmaculada Lacarra Cabrerizo (Venezuela)

Solidarity and peace must be worked for from a base level, with openness and simplicity, looking with sincerity for the common good.” The beginning of her pedagogical work in Venezuela was in the San Judas Tadeu School of Faith and Joy, in Caracas, in a community marked by violence and insecurity. Immersed in popular education […]

Nora Castañeda (Venezuela)

What we are trying to achieve is for women to not only get credit, but also to improve the quality of their lives. This can be developed through an economic model with gender equality.” Nora Castañeda is an economist committed to her work with the Venezuelan people. She has been fighting for the rights of […]



María Luisa Navarro Garrido (Venezuela)

“I admired the courage of the women and my love for nature grew. I discovered my capacity to confront situations and I pledged my life to the struggles of the people.” Born in a house full of women, abounded with affections. Her mother wrote stories for a local newspaper and her father illustrated them. María […]

Maria Reinat-Pumarejo (Puerto Rico)

“Through Maria Reinat’s teaching and guidance, different communities of color have come to understand the differences and similarities in their struggles.” Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez Maria Reinat-Pumarejo has played a key role in ending the use by the USA of the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, as a military base. Her world view of peace and […]