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Yvonne Ryakiye (Burundi)

“It makes me incredibly happy when I see people who I saved from death, alive.” Yvonne Ryakiye lives at the foothills of Bujumbura, where many Tutsi families were killed or driven away during the 1993/1994 genocide. Yvonne, a Hutu, started her organization by hiding Tutsi refugees. With the Hutu and the Tutsi entrenched on either […]



Pélagie Nduwayo-Ndikuriyo (Burundi)

“Nous sommes qui nous sommes grâce à elle – We are who we are, thanks to her.’’ A student, adopted by Pélagie. Pélagie Nduwayo-Ndikuriyo works with women, students, girls and the disabled. She supports disadvantaged people in different ways with the aim of reducing poverty. She offers sewing courses for women and girls, provides seeds […]

Marie Rose Cimpaye (Burundi)

Hagukora ikibi wogikorerwa – It is better for one to suffer than to make someone else suffer.” Marie Rose Cimpaye, of the Tutsi ethinic group, was born in 1961 in Karuzi, Burundi. She enjoyed the good relations among her neighbors, until they fled for their lives in 1993. That shocked her. She how has to […]



Léonie Barakomeza (Burundi)

“I know no greater joy than meeting a friend whom I had believed was dead.” After civil war had broken out in Burundi, Léonie Barakomeza founded – together with former Hutu neighbor Yvonne Ryakiye and other women – the self-help organization Twishakira amahoro, which means “We want peace”. The women of the peace organisation have […]

Jeanne M. Gacoreke (Burundi)

“My dream is slowly becoming reality. At last rape victims are finding a way out of shame and silence. They are speaking up.” Jeanne Gacoreke (49) is a teacher in Bujumbura. She helps orphans and widows of war and sexually abused women, fights poverty and reintegrates refugees within the country and those from abroad. In […]


Godelive Miburo (Burundi)

In view of all the suffering, I prayed that the Lord would make me a artisan of peace and reconciliation.” Sister Godelive Miburo runs two centers for orphans and follows up their integration into foster families. New Life for Reconciliation (VNR) trains on reconciliation and peace, awakening and reinforcing forgiveness and helps the weak, the […]

Jeannine Nahigombeye (Burundi)

“You are half Hutu and half Tutsi. If you identify yourselves as Hutus, then you must hate me, and if you identify yourself as Tutsi, then it is as if you killed your father a second time.” Jeannine Nahigombeye (32) is a journalist. Since 2003, she has been the director of Radio Isanganiro, a national […]


Colette Samoya Kirura (Burundi)

We can and must root ourselves on the long tradition of peace making that women have in Africa!” Colette Samoya Kirura, born 1952, is a pioneer. From her student days she has been politically active; she was one of only two women elected to the Burundi’s parliament in 1982. In 1992 she became her country’s […]

Christine Ntahe (Burundi)

“They say: ‘Stop! We are just like any other children and we did not choose to live on the streets.’” Christine Ntahe was born in 1949 and is regarded as “mother” of street children in Burundi. For 30 years she worked as a journalist and manager with Radio Télévision Nationale de Burundi (RTNB). She became […]