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Teclaire Ntomp (Cameroon)

“The universal protection of fundamental needs of both men and women and the enforcement of human dignity – this is my motto.” Teclaire Ntomp (67) has contributed to the well-being of fellow Cameroonians by providing training on sanitation, education, agriculture and nutrition. Her projects base on simple, indigenous techniques that provide income to self-help groups. […]

Marie Béatrice Kenfack Tolevi (Cameroon)

“Il faut toujours avoir du cœur pour les autres – one must always have a heart for others.” Marie Béatrice Kenfack Tolevi, a Cameroonian, founded a NGO in 1992 that focuses on reproductive health, food and nutrition, human rights and equity. The Center listens and counsels the youth and teenagers. It also has a clinic […]