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[11/3/2016] Uploaded the story of Brazil’s Warrior Women

We just uploaded the story of Brazil’s Warrior Women from If Not Us Then Who!. They are Maria Do Socorro Teheira Lima, Emile De Costa, Maria De Nazare Sousa, Rosa Barbosa De Sousa, Ide Pereisa De Sousa, Helena Dos Santos Salagat, Daniele Coucucuz Nasiemento, Tonilda De Araujo Da Cunha, Maria Helena De Jesus Moura and […]

[11/3/2016] Uploaded Norma Pedroso Limoso’s story

The story of Norma Pedroso Limoso written by Dayang Yraola was uploaded. Norma Pedroso Limoso from Philippines is  a mother to nine biological children and a foster mother to countless others. She helps the others regardless of gender, religion, race and age. She quoted a bible passage: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see […]