CLARA CHARF idealized and founded, in 2003, a non-governmental organization named Brazilian PeaceWomen Association, with the goal to promote a culture of peace, citizenship, human rights, by valuing the assumption of gender equality. The NGO, which she is the president, promotes activities such as workshops, seminars, exhibitions, materials and researches, having two main focuses: a continuous work of visibility to women’s work and facing violence against women including men and women in the process of education.

At the age of 87, she continues with great determination and hard path in defense of peace, in its broadest sense of human security and justice.

The work of activism began in 1945, with the protests against the atomic bomb during the cold war. In the 1950’, she fought against the decision to send Brazilian soldiers to the Korean War.

With the military coup in 1964, she had to live clandestinely, lost her husband Carlos Marighella, a very famous and important guerilla and activist man assassinated in 1969 by police. She lived in exile for nearly ten years and could only return to Brazil with the amnesty in the 1980’.

Currently, Clara also participates in the Commission of Dead and Missing Politicians and belongs to the National Council for Women’s Rights, linked to the Secretariat of Policies for Women.