Maria Gabriela Batista Rivera (Panama)

A woman artist for social peace


Ms. Maria Gabriela Batista Rivera “GaBa” a Panama borne, Panamanian (Abril 27th).

First generation female visual artist and sculptor (1999)

She was designated Artist for the Peace by a Panamanian peace advocacy group back in 2010.


As an eco-artist oriented to school kids, between 2009-2013, GaBa hold more than 120 workshops for kids, both genders, all ages, bringing art for the love & appreciation of nature. She was also working on workshops for the UNEP Chemical Division´s Global Mercury Partnership for chemical waste awareness & environmental sound management of chemical & mercury wastes.



She worked with the Zero Pollution Alliance, an environmental organization she co-founded in 2008, in the promotion among kids, teachers and volunteers, the use of Reusable Bags, plastic tanks, plastic bottles, and all kind of reusable piece to make art and recycle. Almost 4,500 kids and grown-ups participated at their art workshops.

GaBa is part of the latest wave of ecofriendly artists in Latin-America.

As part of her public artwork since 2012, GaBa has been working with the Brazilian infrastructure contractor Odebrescht, doing several artwork for Panama City`s newest infrastructure projects.

If you travel to Panama City, Panama, you can find her sculpture “Arco del Sur” (2013) at the Panama La Vieja corridor´s round point.

Also, you can see her Panama´s Butterflies & Fishes (2015-16), 88 murals painted at 2 new viaducts at southeast of Panama City.


Arco del Sur (Located at the Panama La Vieja Historical Heritage area- Unesco 2003)


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Panama´s Butterflies & Fishes Viaducts (At Costa del Este-Chanis cross roads)


In the year 2015, her work with the Zero Pollution Alliance was honored as one of five Global Heroes at the COP 12 meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in August 12, 2015. With the publication of her work on the book “Gender Heroes 2015” produced by the Basel, Stockholm & Rotterdam Convention Secretary for her work on gender equality on the awareness and management of chemicals & waste.



Genders Heroes 2015  a BSR Convention Secretariat´s Publication

Her latest sculpture “Ether, Space for Peace” is inspired on public spaces; peace movement’s rallies and advocate for the promotion of sustainability, world peace, free media, inclusion, non-violence societies, woman & gender equality, environmental issues, among other values relate it to social peace around the world.

03 04

Her sculpture “Ether, Space for Peace”


By Spring 2016 she had been invited by the Panamanian Embassy in South Korea, for a permanent exhibition of her new sculpture “Ether: Space for Peace” at the Museum of Latin America Culture & Art in Seoul, Korea.

She is on one of many promoters and considered to be among the sculptors for the upcoming Peace & Democracy inspired museum in Panama City, Panama. (2019-2020)


You can find GaBa’s artwork at: