Gloria Alvarez (Guatemala)


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Originally published on Young Voices

Gloria Alvarez is a political scientist and international liaison who specializes in international development and economics. She currently works as a project manager at the Movimiento Civico Nacional in Guatemala City.
Gloria studied International Relations and Political Science as an undergraduate at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín and earned a Master’s Degree in International Development at the Sapienza University of Rome.
She has previously worked at the Cato Institute and as the community manager and manager of public relations at Tigo.
Since 2010, Gloria has hosted a number of radio shows in Guatemala. She led “Morning Glories” on 949 radio from 2010 to 2012, “ExprésateYA” on Mega 107.7 in 2013, and currently runs “Friday Gloria” on Libertópolis Radio. She leads a television program aimed at attracting youths to politics called “Children Policy.” It airs on TV Azteca in Guatemala every Wednesday at 11:30 PM.
Gloria also heads the “Plantemos 1000 Árboles” movement where she organizes monthly tree plantings with volunteers. Since 2012, the movement has reforested more than 30,000 trees throughout Guatemala.