Su Xiulian (Taiwan)

Xiulian is Taiwanese, the founder of the state investigation organic farm and permaculture Aboriginal Cultural Development Association.


She married at age 18, she keep doing different part-time jobs with her husband. However, she broke-up with her husband because of the personality clashes.


Failed marriage did not make Xiulian feel discouraged, but inspired her to work harder to strike a new knowledge to her goal. In order to learn new agricultural technology, she went organic farming courses, including foundation, advanced management courses and organic agriculture. Xiulian constantly strive to self-learning, and finally became a lecturer World Vision Seeds teachers.


Then, Xiulian became the organic farm’s marketing manager, and Xiulian developed a production plan to replace the existing management. However,the residents did not accommodate the new plan. Xiulian felt disappointed of it. After five years,she decided to leave the farm.


After leaving the farm, she decided not to be controlled by others, so she rented a recovery hectares of land, opened a state investigation organic farm.


In order to help more poor women, she hiered them as her farm’s staff.In addition, Xiulian am also concerned about the agricultural development of indigenous peoples, she looked for seeds planted in millet farms Spirodela dishes, Momordica, learn traditional dishes of various indigenous wild,also plans to wild story, how to grow and cooking methods to record, and want the others will know more about it.


Xiulian has many plans, and her best hope is her association become a marketing platform that can let all the farm do marketing together , and having a great living quality.



Written by: Chan Tsz Ki/Chow Wai Yin/Leung Wing Yu


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