Hung Wai Kuen (China, Hong Kong SAR)

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When the social disparity between rich and poor is getting worse, a lot of people are under economic pressure to earn a living. Most people work for a living, then it is difficult to spare more time to help others. In this situation, vulnerable groups like elderly and homeless are often ignored. Hung Wai Kuen, however, values the need from the elderly and the homeless. She is willing to sacrifice her rest and leisure time to support them.


Hung Wai Kuen, a staff in Dairy Farm International company, has served the needy in society since her fourth year in primary school. She has been also a volunteer in YMCA and has organized different volunteer activities. From 2015, she began to volunteer for coffee shop in Shek Kip Mei. The profit of the coffee shop is to purchase food vouchers for the elderly and homeless. Her main job is responsible for making coffee and soft drink.  Hung Wai Kuen, is willing to sacrifice her rest and leisure time to support them, volunteers for coffee shop every Saturday. When the poor are becoming poorer, the elderly and the homeless are often difficult fighting for the economical rights. However, they are the overlooked groups. The work of Hung Wai Kuen is to promote the help for these groups. It can also make the customers feel delighted via helping others.


In addition, Hung Wai Kuen thinks that the faith of volunteer work is “life affecting life”. It is because most of the volunteers can help the people who are neglected and in poor condition. Meanwhile, people who are in help can possibly help others in the future. Moreover, she mentions that attitude toward doing volunteer works is very important, since the recipients can feel volunteers’ friendly. Volunteer work is also the opportunity to understand and interact with different people in the community. Like what she does in the coffee shop—it can make the public to understand the plight of the elderly and the homeless. Via providing volunteers service in coffee shop, she can help provide food for the elderly and homeless to alleviate the economic pressure and satisfy with the helping people.


Written by Lau Wai Ting


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