Tanya Burr (United Kingdom)

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Tanya Burr, a famous Youtuber in England, had actively participated in those events which were ralated to the gender equality issue. She is an ambassador for Global Goals, and she is willing to take part in various events in order to raise the people awareness on the gender issue. She thinks not every women has the chance for chasing their dream without limits. In the otherside of the world, some women may oppress under the traditional masculinity and they are not able to gain respect from the man. She thinks gender may become the biggest hindrance for some girls to build up their dream, or even lives. She is one part of the campaign Time for Girls, and this campaign is building up of a community of people who are willing to take an action to improve the lives of the girls around the world. Her objective is to let the young girls all over the world, no matter they are facing the gender problem or not, know they are powerful enough to make their dream come true.

Written by Ng Wan Ki

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