Hsu Shih Hsien (Taiwan)

Hsu Shih-hsien (許世賢) is a Taiwanese academic and politician. She created a precedent for women in Taiwanese politics as she is the first female mayor and elected mayor of Chiayi City in Taiwan.


Hsu Shih-hsien was born in scholarly family in Chiayi in 1908 and she had been Tokyo to study in medical College. After obtaining a doctorate in medicine, she had been a doctor in Taiwan and began to promote educational affairs actively.


She attended the election with no political party and her political style was very sharp and strong. In 1968, she was elected to be mayor of Chiayi successfully and she was the first female mayor. In1972, she was elected again when Chiayi was already promoted to provincial cities. This means that Hsu Shih-hsien is also the first female elected legislator.


Serving as mayor of Chiayi, Hsu Shih-hsien was active and hard-working for the various construction projects such as the colorful fountains, Chung Cheng Park circuit underground and so on. Due to her overwork, she died in 1983 owing to cirrhosis of the liver.


Hsu Shih-hsien, is a pioneer in women’s political participation in Taiwan, also contribute to Chiayi City and people have dubbed her “Chiayi Matsu woman”. She is a good example of Taiwan’s political arena with the particular status of “female” and “no partisan”.


Written by Mok Ka Wing