Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan)

Malala Yousafzai, born on July 12, 1997 in Pakistan, is a activists fighting for education for women. She is also a feminist who believes “anyone should be feminists, because the real meaning of feminism is equality.” In 2014, she was awarded with the Nobel Prize, while she was also access to international children’s peace Prize, AI conscience ambassadors, and became the representative of the revolt of women oppression.


At the beginning, Malala actually wanted to be a doctor rather than a politician. However, her father changed her mind later. Malala’s father was a principal of private girls’ schools in the Swat valley and he was also an activist for local human rights. Therefore, although Malala was born in Pakistan, where female was prohibited to receive education, Malala can still go to school because of her father’s encouragement and permission. Meanwhile, her father had great expectations to Malala. Because of her strong, her father thought Malala had potential to become a politician. Therefore, when she struggled for women education, her father gave her support and encouragement. So Malala was able to pursuit her ideal with the inspired from her father.


On the other hand, in 2008-2009, the Government controlled Malala’s hometown, Swat. Since the father often held protest outside, Malala was worried so much about the safety of her father because of the political instability. So Malala was suffering from fear every day, and eventually Malala changed her mind decided to become a politician.


Contributions to struggling for women education

In 2008, Malala followed her father to attend the lecture in Peshawar. When she was speaking to audience, she asked question “Why Taliban can take away our right to education?” In 2009, Malala wrote about the poor lives in Swat under Taliban’s control on a blog of BBC website. Meanwhile, she was expressing the desire letting girls to go to school. Malala said “They cannot stop me, I want education.” And later she became the chairman of the local children’s education. In 2012, Taliban militants shot Malala in school bus since Malala was a troublemaker for Taliban in demanding for women’s education. However, it made Malala become more famous and a symbol of fighting against women’s oppression. Malala also delivered a speech at United Nations Conference, she said: “She will never retreat under threat” to fight for equal rights and women education. Malala published her biography, “I am Malala” in hope that made people aware situation of education in some countries and she reiterate that everyone has right to receive education.


This Pakistan girl is striving for the equal right to access to education because she believed education is a basic right for everyone. And this girl is Malala Yousafzai.


Written by Lee Long Yung