Ana Christina Couto Amorim(Brazil)


Ana Christina Couto Amorim | South South Forum

2011-to date PhD Research – Maori Visual Arts –Massey University–New Zealand

I am an artist working with an expanded notion of Art and life. Throughout my 23-year career I have identified real issues regarding the appropriation and manipulation of art by capitalist interests such as large multinational corporations, financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies. My work questions the role that art and artists play in what I call “Artwash” for large financial groups and the wealthy. I believe art must occur in the realm of ordinary living, among those who have equal rights. My performances, projects and installations illustrate this hypothesis and the aim of my Doctoral studies is to find answers to the main question of my work: Why art cannot be treated as a commodity?

Jan 2003-to date – Interpreter – Landless Workers Movement and Via Campesina

In 2003 I started doing performances as the Transcommunicator (an interpreter for various social movements around the world) which I felt would illustrate my views on the role of the artist today. In this performance I interpret Portuguese and Spanish into English in numerous events. I become a conduit for the other to communicate. I am only a mouth and an ear for those who have had their silenced by power.