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Professor Mayling Oey-Gardiner, Ph.D. started teaching at the Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia in 1971, and in 2001 she was appointed the first female Professor at the same institution. In 2004 she was elected Chair of the Academic senate and Secretary to the Board of Professors of the Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia for the period 2004-2007. Even though retired since 2006, she continues teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia. Her long teaching career started with sociology which was then enriched with demography as a result of her further education, to remind studengts at this faculty people are at the center of economic development. Then, realizing the weakness in research among Indonesian graduates, she has for more than two-decades also taught research methodology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Her concern and quest for continuously improving, particularly in country, research quality has led to a request to participate in selecting outstanding research for government funding under the auspices of the Minister of Research and Technology(RUKK). This relationship has continued and Prof.Oey-Gardiner is currently a member of the National Research Council (DRN) for the period 2008-2011, and since 2008 she has been appointed as life-long member of theIndonesianAcademyof Sciences (AIPI), a body of only some 50 members of Indonesian notable scholars. She is also founder of API, Association of Indonesian Professors, established in 2008.