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emma watson


Emma Watson has been involved in a number of famous film including Harry Potter. She is also a well-known model and get a BA in English literature from Brown University. Even if she gained a lot of success in many ways, she did not complacent, but to use her influence to promote the development of the feminist movement.


In 2014, she was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations women’s empowerment, mainly promote gender equality, and the discrimination towards women in workplace. To serve as ambassador, she thinks women fighting for equal rights is very important. She does not mean that women should have a higher social status than men but that men and women should be achieved equality, rather than for the two hostile parties. Because of her active participation in the feminist movement, she was intimidated if she continued to participate in the movement for gender equality and any feminism campaign, her nude photos would be published on the Internet. Faced with this threat, Watson did not give up to participate in the feminist movement, but respond to the intimidation in front of the media. She said if she chose to be shrink while facing those threatening, it would encourage other opposition feminist voices. To face the intimidation and oppression, she did not flinch, but more actively promote the feminist movement, hoping to fight for the equality of women and men.


Her own experience told her that the feminist movement is not promoting hatred towards the opposite sex nor living without another gender in their entire lives, but men and women have equal rights in the society. Since her childhood is a perfectionist, she wanted to finish everything in a perfect way. But this character was not praised, but was called overbearing. However, if the same-aged boys are perfectionist, they will be respected or praised. She did not understand why there is a big contrast towards different sexes. This experience left a volt line for her future as a feminist. She thought that she has absolute autonomy of her own body and she believes that women pay not less than men to the country. Therefore social respect towards women and women’s rights should be on par with men. She advocated feminism is not just a matter of women, it is also a vital issue for men, because feminism advocated women and men are not hostile, but men and women should be equal. She made the modern men also suffering from oppression, for example, society does not allow men to express their weakness. For men and women affected by the ideological restrictions, Watson believes gender equality is in the pipeline business, is eager movement.


Even though she was threatened if she continues to advocate the feminist movement, her nude photos would be published publicly, she still does not give up. This action reflects her courage and her belief. Her experience tells us that oppression will not make people to retreat, but make people to stick to its philosophy, and also are more willing to come out and fight for it.


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Written by Ng Hoi Lam