Lau Siu Lai (China, Hong Kong SAR)



Lau Siu Lai is one of the founders of ‘Democracy Siu Lai’. She held lots of talks during the umbrella movement; meanwhile she is the lecturer in Hong Kong Community College in Sociology and Culture.


At the beginning of the umbrella movement, she hoped that she could support Hong Kong citizens through action so she held lots of talks, which were about Hong Kong, democracy, etc. Those talks attracted many people to join and share their point of views. Her accompany helped her to open a Facebook page in order to attract more citizens to participate. Therefore, it becomes a regular talk in the street. As she is a lecturer, she encounters a lot of difficulties; she is under pressure from school, citizens because people think that she ruins the order of society. Though she faces different objectives, she does not give up and continue her talk. There are lots of different topics of the talks, such as academic, problem of social order, social life, etc. She holds those talks not for her but for citizens. She wants to awake Hong Kong citizens to see what’s going on in Hong Kong. Reflection and awareness are really important for Hong Kong people. She has never been a lecturer with a higher position; she is only one of the citizens in Hong Kong and shares her point of view to others.


During those talks, many polices forces her to stop holding ‘Democracy Siu Lai’. There must be a lot of police nearby whenever those talks are held. Facing those pressures, Siu Lai has never given up. What she does is try her best to maintain the routine of ‘Democracy Siu Lai’. She always invites different guests to share in different aspects, from academic to life experiences. Although she has a higher qualification while comparing to other citizens, she does not think that her identity is higher. She respects everyone’s thought. What she takes as important is whether their real thoughts are oppressed. She insists her belief no matter what she faces.


During the Chinese New Year, there was a conflict in Mong Kok and police charged her. She admitted everything that she has done but rejected to plead guilty. The reason is so simple; it is because she does not think that it is a sin though she stuck in the street and buys something from store without permission. The society is unfair that she does not understand why those actions become sin. She asks a question, why a 80 years old woman was asked whether you admit your sin rather than what you need. Why the government’s fault become the pressure to citizens. Hong Kong citizens never have any right to voice out or escape this unfair system. What Siu Lai does is not standing in a moral state and scolding the government nor citizens, but to against the oppression together with Hong Kong citizens.


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Written by Ng Hoi Lam