Huang Yirong(China)



Qiu Sao

Interviewer/ Ma Jiu ju    Translator/Zhao Jing

Editor’s Remark:  Mrs. Qiu is a great lady who has engaged in ecological farming for almost eight years. She believes that ecological farming brings us not only healthy food, but also benefits to her son.  And the hard working in ecological farming won’t stop her from doing the work because this is her life and enjoy herself.


In considering of the farming work of her family, Mrs. Qiu dropped out when she was 15 years old. Since then, she basically would not let her mother come down to earth, because her mother worked more slowly and Qiu was an energetic and operative lady. Actually, Qiu could work as efficient as a man in farming and she even could drive a horse. People made fun of her at the time, but she did not care. She drove a horse and sold things in the village. After the selling, she would ask help from neighbors to deliver the horse to her grandfather, so she could go to watch movies which was very popular and fashionable then.

Later, when Mrs. Qiu got married with Mr. Qiu, she was busy in working for a living, such as selling rice noodles in town, and meanwhile taking care of her son. It was in 2008 that Qiu’s life changed, Mr. Qiu was invited to Malaysia to teach the locals sugaring, over where he learned how to grow agriculture ecologically. After returning home, as Mr. Qiu decided to do ecological agriculture, Mrs. Qiu followed. She transferred her rice noodles restaurant, and learned to develop the ecological agriculture from Mr. Qiu. At the time people did not comprehend the Qius since in 2009 for a small village the ecological agriculture was very fresh, and people thought agriculture farming without chemical fertilizers was a mess! While for the Qius the planting in the first year was terrible as bugs almost ate all the plants, they did not give up, but continued to insist on planting. They learned lessons and promoted, again and again. Now they not only grow organic vegetables, but also raise chickens and pigs ecologically, and they also have a relatively stable market


Nowadays everyone is not work as hard as in the past when in the field, but it is Mrs. Qiu who works every day from morning till night without time to play. She devotes all her time to farming, cooking, laundry, and rearing her son, but she was very happy, because since doing the ecological agriculture, her health has been greatly improved, and her son, by the influence of this environment, becomes very considerable to others.

Mrs. Qiu believes that life is difficult for ladies in modern society as they have to make money, deliver babies, take care of kids, do housework, etc. However, when we realize that we are small to the world, all the work is the same because it has its own way to operate, and no matter what work we do is just a repeat, we won’t be picky. As we go with the flow of life naturally, we are not tired and get bored.



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