Miao Women Weaving Group(China)



The Miao Women Weaving Group Celebrate First Harvest of the Year

Author/Ma Jiuju     Translator/Li Jing

Miao people often have a lot of festivals. Almost every other day they will have a festival. Villagers usually are tired because they do farm work every day, but festal arriving can enrich their daily life.

The Nanmeng village women weaving group held rural festival activities on lunar June 6, the First Harvest of the Year. As Miao people don’t need to do farm work at festival, everyone can come to the activity. The project named stay-at-home Women Power manipulate this activity, which is funded by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA). A total of 32 women participated in the activities. Activities involve singing Miao songs, embroidery, weaving, running, telling story, blow the balloons, arm-wrestle and guessing riddle.

Although the sun was shining fiercely, villagers didn’t feel hot. They sang Miao songs, run without shoes, and blew the balloons…Their happiness cheers and singing esonated through the village. More importantly, through a series of activities women were aware of the importance of culture heritage. We deeply realized and understood Miao women’s wisdom which is originated from nature and their daily life.

Activities lasted from 2 PM to 8 PM. In every activity, we choosed the top5 and rewarded them. The prizes are very practical living things. Such as kettle, bowl, basin, slipper and towel. All of the participants include children were given candy.

In the Miao village, women put most of their time in doing agricultural stuff and caring of elderly and younger. They really bear a lot of responsibilities of their families. Perhaps, joining rural festival activities is one way to relax for village women.


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