Jin Chan(China)



Starting from the changing beliefs of women’s original ecological planting

Interviewer/Peng Yangyi, Xiao Han (Jiayi Women’s Development Center)
Translator: Hu Xiaojing

Jin Chan was wearing a yellow T-shirt and a black short when we met her for the first time. She was very hospitable to us. We walked into the room, opened the fanner and began our interview. Jin Chan talked with a high tone excitedly when we talked about the ecological planting.

Jin Chan has planted black bean, soybean and corn with the ecological planting way without any pesticides and fertilizer. She adopted the relay cropping to cultivate the plants. In general, row intercropping meaning sowing several crops’ seeds at the same time. And relay cropping meaning sowing several corps’ seeds at different time. Jin Chan said that she often goes to the field at 6:00am or in the afternoon to weed with a hoe. It needs more time and energy to care the plants because it is without any pesticides.

Jin Chan used the plant ashes to kill worms. She also burned some Si chuan pepper leaves to drive worms, because the leaves have a strong smell. However, Jin Chan can’t do anything if wild animals eating the plants.


Jin Chan has confidence in the ecological planting, though she never done this before and need to learn from scratch. When we referred to the visiting the  Xi’An ecological agricultural products market, she was so happy. Because she learned about that the ecological field crops were much more expensive than the common crops.

The crops of Jin Chan will be reaped in August in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. She made her first step in the ecological this year without any experience. She hasn’t done the ecological practice very well, but we have felt her confidence to the ecological planting.


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