Saa:phu (Education For All) (Napal)

Story 1: “Jamuna: Started to learn letter at the age of 40”  

Jamuna, she is an unmarried lady who spent her life serving her family and raring her younger brother. She did not get opportunity to enroll in school and go for formal education. After devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015; she came in contact with SAA:PHU and she became part of mother education class. She, who even do not recognize single letter, now is able to read, write and speak Nepali language (national language of Nepal, which is different than local language Newari). She feels happy when she completes a story and shares with her other friends. She feels praised when she was able to add, subtract and recite multiplication table. Now she is planning to study till grade 10 through mother education class run by SAA:PHU.

Story 2: “Reunited with husband with whom she was about to get divorced”

It is case related to domestic violence. Bimala (changed name), she eloped at the age of 14 and was mother of 2 daughters when she came to meet me to file case of divorce. She met me during awareness campaign. She shared that her husband consumes alcohol and is irresponsible toward family. As her second child was daughter, she was deported to her maternal house by her husband. She wanted to get divorced. But she has neither citizenship nor marriage registration. Later on, with couple counseling, it was found that both loved each other but the reason of their quarrel was consumption of alcohol. Thus, various therapies were provided to husband and first daughter of couple played a role of bridge to fill gap between Bimala and her husband. Now, they are living together and husband controlled on consumption of alcohol. Bimala earns livelihood and her husband rare their two daughters.

Story 3 : Granny… heading ahead with campaign to be literate

78 years old granny, Laxmi Jyakho, regularly attend class. She comes to mother education class and starts to study. She behaves like a little girl who struggles hard to identify Nepali and English alphabets. She has been attending class from last one year and now she would write her name and read simple books of nursery and JKG.

She is inspiration to rest of class. In that age, she is actively learning and trying to speak Nepali language. Nepali is secondary language for her, since she was born in Newar community and Newari is her mother tongue. She loves to be in class and listen to her teacher. She wishes good for her other classmates. Every one call her granny and she smiles her back saying that she feel so blessed when she attend class and learn to write her name and calculate money. She further wants to learn to use mobile and calculator. She expresses her gratitude to her teacher for initiating such step in her community. She further conveys that when all will be literate and educated there will be peace in community and society so she is here to attend and support that campaign initiated by team of her teacher.

Story 4 : Kalasha, started to smile…..

Kalasha, 5 years old baby girl, was so afraid after devastating earthquake. She even did not even attend session at Child friendly space. Even her parents insisted her to attend she did not come to attend. Latter on after few days, we meet with her in person and call her to session. She even did not speak single word with us. She even did not look at us. We tried our hard and then make her meet with counselor working for children in that area. She convinced her to attend session and counselor suggested us to give her special care. We followed her suggestions and make her sing songs, dance and do art.  Latter on after attending Child friendly camp, it was just wow!!! She started to participate in sports and other activities and started to smile and laugh.

Her parents thanked team member to make her baby smile again. We found that she loves singing songs and we were using music as means for making children relief from stress and trauma. It became one of boon for us to make her smile again. Currently she is going school and attending her regular class.