Kripa Sigdel (Nepal)


She always use to say ‘No matter how you fall, how you pick yourself back that counts the most’ and thisis one of the thing I am so impressed about and what makes me feel that this women i  know is going to do wonders in the world for good.

She is vary caring, very hardworking and vary passionate on what she does. I am always impressed with the innovative ideas she comes with for good.

Her passion lies in Mental health and psychology. These are one of the major issues that are stigmatized in Nepal and now in her dedication and continuous effort, she is able to run a radio show in the radio station and which is probably the first of its kind.

Her activities like school mental health initiatives is the new hope which goes to schools and aware the children about teenage problem and many other psychological perspective which is sure to reduce the mental health and gradually suicide rate which is so high in our country.

Like wise, another project she works is ‘We Listen’ this is the effort to be ear to the unheard ones. This is bringing change gradually and reducing many problems which are due to unheard voices.

Her continuous efforts has always inspired many, including me.

Now only her work on the issue of mental health and psychology, as far as i know, she is active in youth led organization volunteer coordinator. she has been motivating many volunteers and guiding them to be good. Its amazing to see her being a shy herself few years back and now leading organization and being motivation to many.

She is the post graduate student in Psychology. She completed her Bachelors in Psychology and social work in 2014.

Seeing her and working with her, gives me hope that no matter what if you have dreams and desire, you can achieve and with your passion you can bring change in lives for sure.