Huang Chang Ju (China Tai Wan)



Written by  Chan Tsz Ki/Chow Wai Yin/Leung Wing Yu

Huang Chang Ju, a professor of the Department of Applied Economics and Management and the Director of Organic Development Centre of the National Ilan University, and also the principal of the organic agriculture website. She even won Organic Agriculture Special Contribution Award the Council of Agriculture in 2011.


In fact, her life is closely related to agriculture when she was a child. She lived directly opposite to the Agricultural College when she was only a child and the campus is her game place. The finished products in the lessons have become her daily snacks and the farm is even her biological classroom. Then, she began to enter the field of agricultural economy, and she graduated from the Department of Economics of Agriculture National Chung Hsing University and Technische Universität Berlin. After that, she get back to National Ilan University, as well as started her organic agriculture work.


However, since she is profession in agricultural economy, she only can formulate some organic agriculture related policies and she confused. She started rethinking what she can do to organic agriculture, and thus, she began to establish the organic agriculture website ( in order to promote organic agriculture effectively. Not only to the producers, but also to the consumers, the website can be a channel to publish the information of organic agriculture to them and even issue the e-paper to them in hopes of the promotion of organic agriculture. Now, this website is the first result from the searching engine, which shows the influence of this website and Huang’s contribution on it.


From her story, it is easy to find that she utilize her profession successfully to the technology in order to promote organic agriculture effectively. All of the above can reflect her contribution in the development of organic agriculture in Taiwan.


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