Yu Cheuk Lam (China, Hong Kong SAR)


Editor—Yeung Cheuk Ying

She is one of the full-time employees of the Concern For Grassroots Livelihood Alliance Limited. She is also the only one staff who is responsible for the program of cooperative purchase . She aims at helping the grassroots families to improve their livelihood. She thinks, through the program, citizens can change their consumption habits, so as to save money and raise living standards. At the same time, she is also striving to find a way out for the grassroots businesses in the oppression of large enterprises. By using the program, they will purchase goods in large quantities and bring greater cargo mobility to the grassroots business. As the opinions of the grassroots have a great influence on the project, they can choose what goods to buy and which businesses to purchase from them. As a result, they can gain a greater sense of power and bring expectation of life to the oppressed people.

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