Tam Pui Ying (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Editor—Chong Hoi Kwo

Tam Pui Ying, Peann is one of the founders of Eco-greenergy, a social entrepreneur which is founded in 2014 with the entrepreneurship award by the Youth Business Project.

After graduating from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Peann worked as a system analyst in an international logistic company. However, she wanted to make a difference, constructing to society. Therefore, she resigned and started a social entrepreneur which with Jay, another founder of Eco-greenergy.

Together with her partner, Peann thinks out of box to practice recycling in Hong Kong. With the aim of assisting customers to go green with lower cost, their company specializes in delivering sustainable environmental solutions.

Apart from providing sustainable solutions for customers, she also started the “Zero Ground Coffee Campaign” which recycles coffee grounds from coffee shops and commercial offices. The collected coffee grounds are used to produce soaps. The coffee grounds up-cycling products are available for sell, as a way to promote environmentally friendliness to the public. Recently (10th November, 2016), she cooperated with a coffee company to organize a workshop, which allows participants to make their own coffee grounds soaps. Peann believes that everyone can make a difference; even a little act can influence the world.

With her strong belief, and on behalf of her organization, Peann gives talks from time to time, to promote up-cycling to the public. For example, she gave a talk sharing her ideas on practicing recycling in daily life to teenagers in 2015 summer.

Regarding her effort in protecting the environment, contribution to creating a better world, we would like to nominate her to the Wiki PeaceWomen.


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