Pu Reixia(China)

Pu is a teacher in Beijing’s Peasant Girl School, also editor of the school journal as well as librarian. It is hard to believe she only had formal education up to Grade 3. She was born in a village in Ningxia where famine was the norm. At 12, she had to stop going to school and helped the family in farming, as her elder brother in junior high school was about to take examination for further education. She understood her parents’ difficulty and accepted the decision. Nevertheless she would take time to read in the evening. Her father found her an old dictionary to help her reading.

As she grew up, she was interested in nothing else but reading, hoping that when her family became more comfortable she could go back to school. She then learnt about the Peasant Girl School’s program of free training for overaged peasant girls like her who did not complete formal schooling. Pu met the pre-requisites and in 2006 she took a 3-month computer training program in Beijing, studying day and night since she had little previous knowledge on the subject. She was able to complete the program and took up employment.

Then, with the help of her brother who had already graduated from technical middle school then university, she first entered a private university then withdrew and studied on her own for the ‘high-education examination for self-study students’. The examination was well-known to be very stringent, but with her self-discipline and perseverance she was able to study the curriculum in two years and succeeded in passing the examination.

In 2009, the principal of Peasant Girl School recruited her and she quickly exceled in her new position, providing training to students from across the county. She felt it had all come from her strong desire for knowledge from an early age.

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