Zhou Guixiang(China)

Zhou is a successful grower of mushrooms in Luozhen town in Jiangxi Province. In over 20 years she and her husband have dedicated all their efforts in cultivating different species of mushrooms. Her produce is well received by the market because of the good quality and is even accepted for distribution in supermarkets. The unique thing about her is that she would not keep the secret of success to herself but is willing to pass on her techniques to anyone who wants to learn. Most of the mushroom growers in her neighborhood had been trained by her. She believed it would be good to have more people entering the business to form scale production. Over 10,000 potential growers from around the country have come to her to be trained.

Furthermore, in order to improve profits for the growers she has led the establishment of a cooperative for the growers. It started with 10 members and has developed to 60. With bulk purchase and wholesale distribution through the cooperative as well as standardized benchmarks among the members, everyone had benefited.

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