Inés Monica Weinberg (Argentina)



Married to Dr. Eduardo Roca, mother of a lawyer’s son with a master’s degree in Criminology, Judge Weinberg’s experience has materialized in numerous interventions as an expositor in seminars and international meetings on gender perspective, reparations to victims of sexual violence, procedures Against war crimes, as well as about twenty books and several newspaper articles. Her involvement in the protection of human rights and the gender perspective has been deepened from her work in international courts, where she has led to enormous human and legal complexities. In several interviews Judge Weinberg has stated that she made the decision to abandon the litigious law practice when her son was born. Just as his vocation for the defense of human rights is intertwined with his own family history, which extends to the Holocaust during Nazism in Germany. As a judge of the courts of the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda he heard thousands of testimonies about the horror of war crimes and his concern is to be alert to the slightest signs of “reification of the neighbor,” as he defines it, because there appears the germ of A future crime against humanity. She has been invited as a lecturer and lecturer in human rights at the Avon Global enter for Women and Justice in Washington in 2010, as well as at other international institutions such as the Center for International Law and Policy at the New England School of Law and at the universities of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany and Leiden in the Netherlands. For Judge Weinberg it is fundamental to educate in concepts such as community and coexistence. She is an active participant in the improvement of justice, as a fundamental tool for the republican quality and legal security, with which ensures respect for the cultural diversity of citizens.

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