Li Yunfeng (China)


Li has been successful breaking out of the traditional agricultural approach and introducing the Korean Natural Agriculture model, using two years’ experimental research to develop it into a cyclical system between livestock breeding and cultivation. She then introduced the natural agriculture technique to more than three hundred households in various regions including the Northeastern Three Provinces, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Chongqing, Hebei and so on. She was regarded one of the very few people among the thirty and more countries where natural agriculture has been introduced who truly understands it and has successfully promulgated it. Since 2012 her team has received university students in support of the rural from the Beijing Liang Shuming Rural Construction Center. In addition to university students wanting to return to the countryside, her team also includes entrepreneurs, natural agriculture experts, peasants, even officials and members from the media, all wanting to take part in rural construction, to develop peasant organizations and communities, and in the process of doing so develop their own future.


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