Ye Fuyi(China)


Ye was one of the founders of Xiangyang Environment Protection Association. Their mission is the protection of Han River and the development of a green Xiangyang City. She is a full time volunteer, regarding the Association as home. Their work involves going to villages to investigate the pollution situations, liaising with relevant departments and units, conducting campaigns and surveys. Over the course of 13 years she had accumulated and edited a large number of dockets, journals, registrar, and so on, to preserve the history of the Association’s endeavor. She set up teams to monitor water quality in various points, and organized volunteers to go on more than 700 visits along the coasts of Han River and tributaries to investigate the source of pollution, logging a total mileage of 86,620 km. She has participated in many of them. They also provided free training classes on environment protection to develop a team in environment education. Because of her selfless dedication, she has earned the respect of volunteers, and that in turn is the reason why so many volunteers would be mobilized to participate in every event.


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