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Natalya Berezhnaya (Russian Federation)

“A world without women’s participation in decision-making processes at all levels has no future.” Natalya Berezhnaya was born in 1930. Since the 1950s, she has been involved in the areas of peace building, gender equality, and conflict resolution. She has always been active in various Soviet and Russian women’s organizations and has worked for the […]

Moza Al-Malki (Qatar)

“To me peace is civilization, progress, stability, security, justice, equality, coexistence in a world full of love, spiritual and mundane interaction.” Moza Abdullah Mohammad Al-Malki was born in 1957 in Doha, Qatar. She obtained a BA in Psychology from Beirut University in 1978, an MA from LaVern University, USA, in 1986, a PhD in Clinical […]

Maria Szyszkowska (Poland)

“It is imperative there should be kindness towards truths other than ours.” Maria Szyszkowska, is a senator, professor, philosopher, lecturer, and writer. She lives according to Kant’s philosophy that law should guarantee freedom for everyone. She has proposed the first bill in Poland on registered partnerships for homosexual couples and a bill on euthanasia. In […]

Jhamak Ghimire (Nepal)

 Jhamak Ghimire cannot speak, move, sit easily or use her hands, and has no academic qualifications, but she has enriched Nepal’s literary world with hundreds of poems, songs, stories and essays. Jhamak Ghimire (born 1980), a differently abled young woman who does not have a single academic qualification, has enriched Nepal’s literary world by writing […]


BAI Yali (China)

Bai Yali was born in Luohe, Henan province. In 2001, when she came to college, she encountered with “New Hope Rural Development Association”, a university association founded by Professor LIU Laoshi, as achieving her ideal college life. And then she engaged in a national university student supporting rural and research activity organized by Prof. WEN Tiejun, […]

BENAZIR HOTAKI (Afghanistan)

“As an advocate of the women’s rights movement in Afghanistan, I am very optimistic about the future of the country.” Born in 1939 in Kabul, Benazir Hotaki attended Malalai School in Kabul. After her graduation from high school, she traveled to Australia where she obtained a BA in Education from the University of Queensland. Upon […]