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Norma Angélica Cruz Córdoba (Guatemala)

“I have fought and I will continue to fight until the last moment. The right to life is not only the right to breathe, but it is also right to education, health and justice.” Norma Angélica Cruz was a student leader and a Catholic missionary, a mother, political militant and widow. A daughter of the […]



Lucía Willis Paau (Guatemala)

My life is hope.” She is a Guatemalan woman, the worthy heiress of two great ancestral cultures: the Maya Q’eqchi (direct descendents of the Mayans) and the Garífuna (descendents of former African slaves). During her life, Lucía Willis Paau (46) has played many roles: nurse’s aide, researcher, social worker, mother, and defender of human rights. […]

Hilda Marina Morales Trujillo (Guatemala)

Do not dismay. For the life of the women, not even one step backwards will be taken.” A woman of contrasts. Brave in confronting struggles. Sympathetic. Wise. Serene, as she meditates on what to do. Of solid principles and strong roots. An Ambassador of Conscience. Gentle like the breeze. Persistent. Disapproving of exaggeration. A life […]


Candelaria Hernández Gabriel (Guatemala)

“As long as I have the support of my people, I shall never surrender.” A Guatemalan woman, of Maya-Mam origins, Candelaria is a displaced person (internal and external refugees, mostly indigenous, who had to flee their homes and communities due to the indiscriminate bombardments carried out by the Armed Forces), a community leader and mother […]

Alicia Amalia Rodríguez Illescas (Guatemala)

“Fight for earning rights.” Alicia Amalia Rodríguez Illescas (57): mother, diplomat, Doctor in Political Science, professor, feminist, promoter of laws, and defender of the human rights of women. She has built her life on wisdom, uprightness and devotion. She dedicates her life to engineering a better future. Along with other women, she rebels, makes proposals […]



Rosalina Tuyuc Velásquez (Guatemala)

My place will always be at the side of the widows, the women who carry the weight of racism on their shoulders.” Rosalina Tuyuc Velásquez (49) belongs to the Maya-Kaqchikel ethnic group. Orphan, wife, mother and widow, displaced and persecuted. She fights so that the Guatemalan State will admit its responsibility for the arrest, disappearance […]