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Reina Isabel Cálix (Honduras)

We have to do something for humanity every day, and we have to respect human dignity and work for the common good. Only then we can achieve piece.” Resourceful since her childhood. A rural teacher since the age of 15. At age 33, she went into the field of adult education and started to take […]


Albertina García Argueta (Honduras)

“Peace is like the glory of God.” This girl from Honduras made great efforts to study. She was the daughter of poor peasants, born in 1962 in a small village that only had a primary school. Despite this, she managed to achieve her degree and took some university level courses. Her achievements were exceptional, but […]


Irma Leticia Silva Rodríguez de Oyuela (Honduras)

Nietzsche was right when he said that history is life. History is a civilizing influence.” Honduras, Tegucigalpa, 1935. A middle-class girl is born. Both her parents are schoolteachers, as were her grandmother and her great-grandmother. As time goes by, she will become a lawyer. But time turns things around and Leticia de Oyuela becomes a […]

María Esther Ruiz Ortega (Honduras)

Peace is only possible with women’s active and real participation.” María Esther Ruiz, a feminist from rural Honduras, had to act as mother for her brothers and sisters since 1961, when she was 11. She was educated by a religious order called the Pasionistas. She transferred her knowledge to other women in the groups that […]