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Shahjahan Apa (India)

  —————————————- Update: Shahjahan apa, passed away on 28 September 2013 in an accident while on her way to the mahila panchayat (an innovative collective approach for community participation in dispute redressal). —————————————- “My daughter was killed by my in-laws. I could not get justice. Yet I had faith in Allah’s rehmat […]


Kavita Srivastava (India)

Kavita Srivastava believes that village women, coming together, can articulate their problems and find solutions. More than a million village women have proven her belief to be true. For two decades Kavita Srivastava, who was born in 1962, has been promoting, collectively with other social groups, nonviolent ways of ensuring justice to survivors of atrocities […]


Mahashweta Devi (India)

“Language is a weapon, it’s not for shaving your armpits.” Mahashweta Devi (born 1926) is one of India’s best-known writers and activists: each persona deeply informs the other. She was greatly influenced by the People’s Theater Movement of the 1940s. This blend of creativity and political activism influenced the course of Mahashweta’s life: her work […]

Ayo Aidari Trust (India)

Munni Hembrom, Agnes Murmu, and Agatha Baskey have shown true grit and resourcefulness by setting up an organization that empowers women of the Santhal tribe, to which they belong. Munni Hembrom, (born 1969), Agnes Murmu (born 1962), and Agatha Baskey (born 1975) are trailblazers. They have shown courage and resourcefulness by setting up an organization […]

Neera Desai (India)

Neera’s unique combination of passionate activism and a deep academic commitment is behind her many roles as institution-builder, motivator, and researcher. Working with the Srimathi Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s University (SNDTWU), Neera Desai (born 1925) established two initiatives-the Research Center for Women’s Studies (RCWS) and the Rural Development Program (RDP)-that endure to this day. She […]



Sukha “Doctor” (India)

Although all she can do by way of writing is sign her signature, Sukha Doctor can reel off the complicated names of hundreds of medicinal herbs without a moment’s hesitation. A training course on the use of traditional medicines changed not only the life of a trolley laborer’s wife, Sukha (born 1944), but also that […]