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Ruchama Marton (Israel)

“Showing solidarity, making protest, practicing medicine – that is the essence of my activities.” Ruchama Marton is a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist and a peace and human rights activist. She is the founder and president of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel), a non-profit health and human rights NGO, established in 1988 and based on cooperation between […]


Amal Alh’jooj (Israel)

“I am a Palestinian Arab, a citizen of the State of Israel and a Bedouin in culture. The sky is the limit for the Arab and Bedouin society in Israel and for the Bedouin Women in particular.” Amal Elsana Alh’jooj has dedicated her life to improving the living conditions of her people, the Bedouin Arab […]


Nabila Espanioly (Israel)

“No one can relieve your itchy back like the scratch of your fingers. – Don’t accept the role of the victim. Take active measures to change things for the better. Use your strength!” Nabila Espanioly, an active Palestinian feminist and clinical psychologist, was born to a Catholic family in Nazareth in 1955. For more than […]

Angelica Edna Calo Livne (Israel)

“Understanding the different cultures, the traditions of people from different religions, races and nationalities, is something that has to be taught to your children from a very young age.” Angelica Edna Calo Livne is an educator and advocate of peace through arts, among children from different religious and cultural backgrounds. In 2002, Angelica created the […]


Aida Touma-Suliman (Israel)

“The majority of women feminists in our society are aware of the repression against them and reject it silently. But very few of them take the initiative to change the situation.” 13 years ago in Nazareth, Aida Touma Suliman – a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship – and six other women founded Women Against Violence (WAV), […]

Anat Biletzki (Israel)

“For the past years I have been engaged in the effort to intertwine philosophy with politics, gradually drawing the desired idealism closer to the existing realism.” Professor Anat Biletzki is a leading human rights activist. She is chairperson of the board of the B’Tselem and has been involved in peace-building projects in Israel for over […]



Haya Shalom (Israel)

“We need to achieve and implement a drastic change that will enable the feminine language to break through and tackle issues concerning solidarity, peace and violence against the rights of women.” Haya Shalom is a feminist and human rights activist. As a lesbian, she is one of the leading forces in promoting women’s solidarity for […]