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Siin-Do Song (Japan)

“Siin-Do Song’s actions make us realize that the impunity of crimes of violence against women in war should be ended.” Yuko Sugiyama Telling the story of her experience as a sex slave, Siin-Do Song (born 1923) is paving the way for thousands of women to pursue justice. Siin-Do was one of the “comfort women” to […]


Suzuyo Takazato (Japan)

Suzuyo Takazato is a driving force behind the crucial question posed to the present militarized global security system: for whom does the military provide security? Suzuyo Takazato (born 1940) is a long-time feminist peace activist who has analyzed the interplay between sexism and militarism from the experiences of women in Okinawa. Her work has inspired […]

Katsuko Nomura (Japan)

“My trick is to talk to people using ordinary language in an ordinary manner that allows them to relate to my cause. It’s ineffective to raise yourself above the people whose support you want.” Katsuko Nomura, called the pioneer of Japan’s NGO movement, has helped to ensure social justice for Japan’s citizens for more than […]

Yuki Ando (Japan)

“Every child has the right to be secure, confident, and free.” Yuki Ando has combined her artistic talent, compassion for children, and teaching and organizational skills to protect Japan’s most vulnerable citizens: its children. She learned about a successful child abuse prevention program called CAP (Child Abuse Prevention), which uses role-play and other activities to […]


Yukika Sohma (Japan)

“I found a gold mine in the hearts of the Japanese people.” Yukika Sohma, known for her power to mobilize the moral and spiritual strength of the citizens of Japan, founded the country’s first nongovernment relief organization to aid refugees. The daughter of Yukio Ozaki, the father of Japanese parliamentary democracy, Yukika called upon each […]