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Lazzat Ishmukhamedova (Kazakhstan)

“You cannot go ahead while sitting on your chair.” Lazzat Ishmukhamedova founded the Association of Single Mothers in 1993. In 1998, the association adapted an Indian model for poverty reduction, a self-help group concept. In 2001, the organization was renamed Moldir Women’s Association (MWA). It has implemented 23 social projects with 10,000 people, including the […]


Irina Unzhakova (Kazakhstan)

“Having united and shown our political will, we are able not just to pray for help in the quietness of our apartments, but to really create the life that is worthy for us and our children!” Since 1999, Irina Unzhakova has lobbied and worked to support women in the political and socio-economic sphere. As president […]

Dametken Alenova (Kazakhstan)

“A violence-free world, a peaceful and happy life, smiles and sun: that is my understanding of peace.” Dametken Alenova is the leader of the NGO Birlik (“unity”), which promotes democratization and the development of civil society in Kazakhstan. Despite her own persecution by state authorities, Dametken has fought to help the poor and struggled against […]



Rozlana Taukina (Kazakhstan)

“There should be peace on earth without war, hunger, and cataclysms. Natural calamities are beyond our control, but the others we can prevent!” Rozlana Taukina is a journalist and human rights activist working in the tough climate of economic collapse and political crisis in a Kazakhstan recently freed after decades of authoritarian rule. A well-known […]