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Gulnara Derbisheva (Kyrgyzstan)

“Helping the poor is the main goal of my work. Anybody, who needs support, must get it without fail.” Gulnara Derbisheva (born 1968) is a human rights activist who lives in one of the poorest regions of Kyrgyzstan. She is committed to helping the unemployed, destitute and elderly people of rural Kyrgyzstan through her work […]


Asipa Musayeva (Kyrgyzstan)

“The main thing is not to give up! There is always a way out, even in the most complicated situation.” Asipa Musayeva (born 1947) is the president of the Independent Association of Disabled Women of the Kyrgyz Republic. Over the past 15 years, she has accomplished a great deal for the organization and for disabled […]



Raisa Kadyrova (Kyrgyzstan)

“My desire to help my community, my belief in equality and justice remain central for me. I want to see Kyrgyzstan as an example of peace, equality, and tolerance for the entire region.” Raisa (Raya) Kadyrova (born 1957) is the president and founder of the Kyrgyz NGO Foundation of Tolerance International (FTI), operating within the […]

Aziza Abdirasulova (Kyrgyzstan)

“Peace and justice are the two main goals of my life.” Aziza Abdirasulova (born 1958) is a well-known human rights activist who works on behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. She is an advocate for prisoners’ rights and the right to assemble peacefully. Her activity is directed towards the fight against injustice […]


Tolekan Ismailova (Kyrgyzstan)

“Only in an honest, truly sincere society can free people live. These people are to build a new life. They will unite together in common labor, oriented toward creation of their bright future.” A public activist since 1977, Tolekan Ismailova carries out her activities at three levels: grassroots, national, and international. She works with local […]