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Layvanh Phanludeth (Lao Peoples Dem. Republic)

“The role of women must be accepted in society. They should be encouraged to work for development side by side with men.” Layvanh Phanludeth was born in 1962 in Pak-ngum, Nakhon Luang, Vientiane. After junior high school, she went into farming, got married and had four children, like other Laotian women. Layvanh has worked to […]



Sinuan (Lao Peoples Dem. Republic)

“I shall wage war against traditional culture that subjugates Akhan women.” Sinuan does not know exactly when she was born. In 2005, she estimates that she is around 40 years old. Born in Huay Ung, on the Burmese border, her parents moved to Laos when she was young. Her family moved often to find good […]


Kongdeuane Nettavong (Lao Peoples Dem. Republic)

“I have a dream for Lao children to have bright and clear faces, happiness in their mind, when they are reading books. This is why I am eager to dedicate my time to them.” Kongdeuane Nettavong was born in 1947 in Muang Chiang Kwang, northern Laos. After finishing secondary school in 1970, she went to […]

Kommaly Chanthavong (Lao Peoples Dem. Republic)

“We strengthen the position of women by giving them a dependable income and thus improving the chances of their children.” Kommaly Chantavong (born 1950) is a farmer’s daughter from the mountains of eastern Laos. When her village was bombed by the Americans in 1961, she fled to Vientiane. In 1976, she founded a cooperative for […]


Douangdeuane Bounyavong (Lao Peoples Dem. Republic)

“I want to make the wonderful world of books accessible to all children.” Douangdeuane Bounyavong (born 1947) is dedicated to the promotion of literacy and cultural experience through books in a country with a very limited reading tradition, due to lack of education and resources. She founded and is now directing and writing for a […]