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Marta Lucía Micher Camarena (Mexico)

 “There must be another way to exist, to be a human being, to be a woman.” (Inspired by a text of the poet Rosario Castellanos) They thought of calling her Lourdes, but they named her Lucía. Marta Lucía: “Malú.” She could have been an opera singer, but she became a politician. Decisions, denials, experiences have […]



Macedonia Blas (Mexico)

 “Everything can be achieved, bit by bit, little by little.” Macedonia Blas is a Ñañhú (Mexican indigenous ethnic group) woman whose first child died when she was only 18 years old. She did not know how to take care of a little baby and, in her community, there were no doctors and there was no […]

Guadalupe Hernández Dimas (Mexico)

“ Poverty has the face of a woman.” A lake and an indigenous community are her historical references. She is the only daughter of two women: her mother and grandmother. She is unique in a man’s world. Guadalupe Hernández Dimas is known as “Nana Lu”–an honorary name given to her in recognition of her work for […]



Nuria Costa Leonardo (Mexico)

 “I do not come to see if I can. I come because I know I can.” When Nuria Costa Leonardo was 13 years old, she helped in her father’s publishing house. She learned to work hard, to value her independence and to be firm in her judgments. With the richness of her background, she went […]

Rosario Ibarra de Piedra (Mexico)

 “Hope never dies among us. We have sown our seeds in darkness. And the harvest of flowers we have gathered are the missing people we were able to find.” She made herself. Through strong acts and words she refined her personality, accompanied by others like her. With the reins of her life in her hands, […]



Teresa Columba Ulloa Ziaurriz (Mexico)

 We should learn to educate people about justice and equality, without discrimination, without gender-violence.” Teresa was named after her grandmother. Her daughter was named after her mother. Three key women in her life: the first two give her strength, and the little girl gives her happiness for fighting. When she was 20 years old, she […]

Sylvia Aguilera Garcia (Mexico)

“You cannot avoid conflicts. If you accept it, you can begin to work on it. All conflicts can be transformed in a positive way.” Sylvia Aguilera Garcia was born in Mexico City, in 1974. She belongs to a large family. She was the only girl and the oldest granddaughter. She has worked for peace since […]


Elsa Patria Jiménez Flores (Mexico)

 The only fight you lose is the one you give up.” As a girl, she wanted to be a sailor. Her mother did not contradict her and bought her trousers. Her father had long awaited for a daughter and the opportunity to call her by a much-loved name: Patria –fatherland. She has a large family […]

Sara Lovera López (Mexico)

The only fight that is lost is the one that is abandoned.” Sara Lovera is a journalist, a feminist, and she is Mexican. Raised by single women, she has a Mazahua grandmother (Mazahua is one of the many indigenous peoples in Mexico). “These women are independent; they never work as house servants. They are businesswomen. […]

Marta Lamas Encabo (Mexico)

“I do not have a romantic image of peace. Peace is a way of managing conflicts through dialogue, through the mediation of reasoning.” Every Friday, Marta Lamas Encabo eats with her chosen family: 12 women that come to her house. Her consanguineous mother, father and brother are dead. Choice is an important word in her […]