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Purevsuren Choijamts (Mongolia)

 The State has virtually ceased to reach out to rural communities here. NGOs work hard but they often face problems.” Purevsuren Choijamts, born in 1957, is a hydro-geologist who graduated from the Mongolian Technical University. In 2002 she founded the Nature and Women Center to work on ecological education and awareness. Purevsuren’s nationwide project to […]



Byats-Khandaa Jargal (Mongolia)

“Our program and our success encouraged the government, and the mandarins in the agricultural ministry. But, green revolutions are made by the those who work and have ideals, not by mandarins.” Byats-Khandaa Jargal, an agronomist and a farmer, was born in a Nomadic herder family. A gold medallist in her academic work, she now heads […]

Bat-Sereedene Byamba (Mongolia)

 “Difficulties exist to make life interesting. Problems arise in the natural way of things. So, any problem is solvable, and in simpler ways than we sometimes imagine.” Bat-Sereedene Byamba is a professor of medicine and a leading manager-innovator of the Mongolian health care system. Director of the largest medical institution in Ulanbataar and named Best […]



Orsoo Shijee (Mongolia)

 “Promoting gifted children from poor families is tremendously important. Children’s success at local and national levels makes people happy and provides encouragement for the future.” Born in 1956, Orsoo Shijee is a well-known expert in pediatrics and pre-school education, who has worked for many years in children’s clinics and research institutions. In 1997 she joined […]

Tuul Yondon (Mongolia)

 “Mongolian women work hard to overcome obstacles to democracy. We appreciate the international solidarity of women and believe that strengthening these ties is vital for building a civil society.” Born in 1957, Tuul Yondon followed in her father’s footsteps and, having graduated, chose a career with the army. In 1989 her husband, an army man […]



Odonchimeg Puntsag (Mongolia)

 “All people have dreams. So do I. My dream is to help other people through my work to make their dreams come true.“ Odonchimeg Puntsag (1961), a labor economist, has worked with different organizations, including the Liberal Women’s Brain Pool (Leos). In 1999 she set up the Information and Education Center, which is principally a […]

Chinchuluun Naidandorj (Mongolia)

“To live in an honorable, responsible way, and try to change what disturbs me beginning with what I definitely can do.”” As a child, Chinchuluun Naidandorj dreamt of following in her painter-sculptor father’s footsteps. Later, she graduated in law from the Mongolian National University and now holds perhaps the most vital women NGO position in […]


Semjidmaa Damba (Mongolia)

 “Be a model of being healthy mentally and in the heart by the way of self-development.” Born in 1943 to a nomadic Buryat family in Mongolia, Semjidmaa Damba was an enthusiastic student who chose to become a telecommunications engineer. Her diploma work at the Odessa Institute (former Soviet Union) in 1967 helped to considerably improve […]